More From Life Ltd.

Approved • Affordable • Community Support Services

Striving to enable our clients to maintain and regain their overall health and wellbeing. 

Ultimately, being able to take control again, and get ‘More From Life!’                      

Services include:

  • Most domestic chores

  • Cooking

  • Senior sitting/carer breaks

  • Social outings

  • Errand running

  • Appointments and shopping

  • Confidence building

  • Gentle exercise

  • Encouragement of active daily living and independence

  • 'Personal admin' (phone calls, paperwork, bills etc.)

  • Escort and support to and from events/appointments

Georgia Langston- Managing Director of More From Life Ltd.

 “I have seen where services lack and where they do well. I have seen lots of things that truly inspire me and some things with ‘room for improvement’. I have always prided myself in delivering services to the best of my ability. The passion I have in this area has given me the drive to now deliver a service of my own, in the way; I believe to be truly respectful of clients and their wishes.”

The objective is to aid daily living and essentially be the extra bit of support and guidance that sometimes we all need a little of. 

There is no judgment passed, there is no criteria to be able to use the services we offer. 

Simply, if you feel that we can be of use to you... we would love to help.

For more information about the service contact our small friendly team on 07407 459112 or e-mail











Clubs etc.



Doctors Appointment

Supermarket Trip

...and more


Carers Break

Senior Sitting

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